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2           Documents

The Clerk tabled the following documents pursuant to statute:

[ Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislation (FRL) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk. ]

Acts Interpretation Act 1901 —Subsection 34C(6)—Statement relating to extension of time for presentation of a periodic report—Aboriginal Hostels Limited—Report for 2019-20.

Biosecurity Act 2015 —Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) (Emergency Requirements for Cruise Ships) Amendment (No. 1) Determination 2020 [F2020L01114].

Sydney Airport Demand Management Act 1997 —Minister’s Direction to the Slot Manager 2020 (No. 3).

Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 —Amendment Statements of Principles concerning trochanteric bursitis and gluteal tendinopathy—

No. 68 of 2020 [F2020L01115].

No. 69 of 2020 [F2020L01116].




The Clerk tabled the following documents pursuant to the order of the Senate of 20 June 2001, as amended:

Entity contracts for 2019-20—Letters of advice—Industry, Science, Energy and Resources portfolio [2].