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2       Documents

The Clerk tabled the following documents pursuant to statute:

[ Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislation (FRL) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk. ]

Australian National University Act 1991 —Australian National University (Sir Roland Wilson Foundation) Statute 2019 [F2019L01022].

Civil Aviation Act 1988 —Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998—Aerial Application Operations (Training and Checking Organisation) Exemption 2019—CASA EX78/19 [F2019L01019].

National Health Act 1953

National Health (Listing of Pharmaceutical Benefits) Amendment Instrument 2019 (No. 7)—PB 58 of 2019 [F2019L01020].

National Health (Originator Brand) Amendment Determination 2019 (No. 5)—PB 64 of 2019 [F2019L01017].

National Health (Price and Special Patient Contribution) Amendment Determination 2019 (No. 7)—PB 65 of 2019 [F2019L01018].

Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 —Report on Ministerial Salaries - Salary Additional to the Parliamentary Base Salary—No. 1 of 2019.