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23    Foreign Affairs— Da’esh—Perpetration of genocide

Senator Moore, also on behalf of Senators Reynolds, McKim and Kakoschke-Moore, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved general business notice of motion no. 565—That the Senate—

               (a)       notes that:

                                     (i)       genocide is a crime under both international and Australian law,

                                    (ii)       the use of sexual violence and other acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group constitutes genocide,

                                  (iii)       the use of sexual violence in armed conflict is a war crime,

                                  (iv)       the use of sexual violence, as part of a widespread or systematic attack, directed against any civilian population is a crime against humanity, and

                                   (v)       international sex trafficking is a crime under Australian law;

               (b)       acknowledges that members of Da’esh:

                                     (i)       have perpetrated genocide against the Yazidi people,

                                    (ii)       are perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity against Muslims, Christians, Yazidis and other religious and ethnic minorities,

                                  (iii)       have perpetrated acts of sexual violence amounting to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq and Syria, and

                                  (iv)       have dedicated infrastructure for the kidnap, trafficking and sale of sex slaves in Iraq and Syria; and

                (c)       calls on the Government to:

                                     (i)       condemn the genocide perpetrated against the Yazidi people by Da’esh,

                                    (ii)       investigate Australians who have allegedly perpetrated war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, including through the use of sexual violence, and prosecute them as appropriate, and

                                  (iii)       support international efforts to gather evidence, investigate and prosecute those responsible for international crimes perpetrated by Da’esh in Iraq and Syria.

Question put and passed.