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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk.]

 Airspace Act—Airspace Regulations—Instrument No. CASA OAR 061/13—Determination of controlled aerodrome - Port Hedland [F2013L01076].

 Australian Hearing Services Act—Declared Hearing Services Amendment Determination 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L01109].

 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act—Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (Confidentiality) Determination No. 13 of 2013—Information provided by locally-incorporated banks and foreign ADIs under Reporting Standard ARS 320.0 [F2013L01113].

 Civil Aviation Act—

  Civil Aviation Regulations—Instrument No. CASA 119/13—Directions under subregulation 235(2) relating to landing weight and landing distance required [F2013L01104].

  Civil Aviation Regulations and Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Instrument No. CASA 129/13—Authorisation - Category A maintenance authority holder in a CAR 30 organisation; Exemption - from regulation 66.130 of CASR 1998 [F2013L01108].

  Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Instrument No. CASA EX64/13—Exemption - single operation into and out of Broome conducted by Queensland Recreational Aircraft Association [F2013L01075].

 Copyright Act—Declaration under section 10A, dated 22 May 2013.

 Corporations Act—ASIC Class Orders—

  [CO 13/518] [F2013L01102].

  [CO 13/519] [F2013L01100].

  [CO 13/520] [F2013L01093].

  [CO 13/521] [F2013L01095].

  [CO 13/522] [F2013L01101].

  [CO 13/523] [F2013L01097].

  [CO 13/524] [F2013L01098].

  [CO 13/525] [F2013L01099].

  [CO 13/526] [F2013L01091].

  [CO 13/527] [F2013L01092].

  [CO 13/528] [F2013L01094].

  [CO 13/779] [F2013L01084].

 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Amendment of list of exempt native specimens—EPBC303DC/SFS/2013/41 [F2013L01079].

 Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act—Financial Sector (Collection of Data) (Reporting Standard) Determination No. 97 of 2013—Revocation of Superannuation Reporting Standards, and transitional provisions [F2013L01072].

 Hearing Services Administration Act—

  Hearing Services (Eligible Persons) Amendment Determination 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L01105].

  Hearing Services (Participants in the Voucher System) Amendment Determination 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L01103].

 Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act—Cosmetics Amendment (Sunscreen) Standard 2013 [F2013L01110].

 Migration Act—Migration Regulations—Instruments IMMI—

  13/012—Class of persons [F2013L01073].

  13/049—Regional certifying bodies and regional postcodes [F2013L01107].

  13/053—Transit passengers who are eligible for a special purpose visa [F2013L01074].

 National Health Act—

  Instrument No. PB 39 of 2013—National Health (Listing of Pharmaceutical Benefits) Amendment Instrument 2013 (No. 8) [F2013L01096].

  Select Legislative Instrument 2013 No. 53—National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Amendment Regulation 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00650]—Explanatory statement [in substitution for explanatory statement tabled with instrument on 14 May 2013].

 Personal Property Securities Act—Personal Property Securities (Fees) Determination 2013 [F2013L01071].

 Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Act—PCEHR (Information Commissioner Enforcement Powers) Guidelines 2013 [F2013L01085].

 Radiocommunications Act—Radiocommunications (Duration of Community Television Transmitter Licences) Determination No. 1 of 2008 (Amendment No. 1 of 2013) [F2013L01077].

 Remuneration Tribunal Act—Determinations—

  2013/07—Departmental Secretaries - Classification Structure and Terms and Conditions [F2013L01080].

  2013/08—Specified Statutory Offices - Remuneration and Allowances [F2013L01081].

  2013/09—Principal Executive Office - Classification Structure and Terms and Conditions [F2013L01087].

  2013/10—Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Full-Time Public Office [F2013L01089].

  2013/11—Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Part-Time Public Office [F2013L01086].

  2013/12—Judicial and Related Offices - Remuneration and Allowances [F2013L01088].

  2013/13—Members of Parliament - Base Salary, Additional Salary for Parliamentary Office Holders, and Related Matters [F2013L01090].

 Social Security Act—

  Social Security (Exempt Lump Sum) (Defence Abuse Reparation Scheme) (DIICCSRTE) Determination 2013 [F2013L01106].

  Social Security (Personal Care Support - Tasmanian Self Directed Funding Pilot) (DIICCSRTE) Determination 2013 [F2013L01111].

  Social Security (Special Disability Trust — Discretionary Spending) (DIICCSRTE) Determination 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L01114].

  Social Security (Special Disability Trust — Trust Deed, Reporting and Audit Requirements) (DIICCSRTE) Determination 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L01112].

 Social Security (Administration) Act—Social Security (Administration) (Vulnerable Welfare Payment Recipient) Principles 2013 [F2013L01078].

 Telecommunications Act—

  Telecommunications Labelling (Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Amendment Notice 2013 (No. 2) [F2013L01083].

  Telecommunications Technical Standard (Voice frequency performance requirements for Customer Equipment) 2013 [F2013L01082].