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The Senate met at noon, pursuant to a request from all senators to postpone the meeting of the Senate. The President (Senator the Honourable John Hogg) took the chair, read prayers and made an acknowledgement of country.

Document: The President tabled the following document:

 Meeting of Senate—Request to the President to postpone the meeting of the Senate—Letter from the Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Evans), the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Abetz), the Leader of the Australian Greens (Senator Bob Brown), the Leader of The Nationals in the Senate (Senator Joyce) and Senators Xenophon and Madigan, dated 27 February 2012.

The President made a statement indicating that the unanimous request to postpone the meeting of the Senate was consistent with the principle that the Senate controls its own meetings.

Statement by leave: Senator Evans, by leave, made a statement relating to the matter.