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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number]

 Charter of the United Nations Act—Charter of the United Nations (UN Sanction Enforcement Law) Amendment Declaration 2009 (No. 3) [F2009L03099]*.

 Civil Aviation Act—

  Civil Aviation Regulations—Instrument No. CASA—EX60/09—Exemption - from take-off minima inside Australian territory [F2009L03017]*.

  Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives—

   Part 105—

    AD/DAUPHIN/20—Main Rotor Servo Inspection [F2009L03051]*.

    AD/DAUPHIN/21—Tail Rotor Pitch Change Spider and Blade Horn Foot [F2009L03050]*.

    AD/DAUPHIN/33—Lucas Air Equipment Hoist - Explosive Squib [F2009L03045]*.

    AD/ENST 28/6—Pre-Certification Requirements - Modifications [F2009L03044]*.

    AD/ENST 28/8—Fuselage Structure - Inspection [F2009L03043]*.

    AD/ENST 28/17—Wide Chord Tail Rotor Counterweights - Modification [F2009L03042]*.

    AD/ENST 28/22—Main Rotor Transmission Mount Bolts - Inspection [F2009L03041]*.

    AD/ENST 28/28—Clutch Engagement Handle Guard [F2009L03040]*.

    AD/F406/18—Landing Gear Emergency Blowdown Bottle - 2 [F2009L03039]*.

    AD/FA-200/27—Wing Spar Flange Corrosion [F2009L03038]*.

    AD/HILLER 12/2—Main Rotor Blade Spar - Inspection [F2009L03037]*.

    AD/HILLER 12/3—Tail Rotor Blade Assembly - Provision of Vent Hole [F2009L03036]*.

    AD/HILLER 12/6—Superseded by AD/HILLER 12/11 [F2009L03035]*.

    AD/JBK 117/32—Tail Rotor Gearbox Bevel Gear [F2009L03129]*.

    AD/L.40/2—Resewing of Seat Belt and Securing of Tailplane Actuating Nut Lock Screws - Rework [F2009L03034]*.

    AD/L.40/4—Elevator and Rudder Control System - Modification [F2009L03033]*.

    AD/L.40/5—Fuel System - Modification [F2009L03092]*.

    AD/L.40/6 Amdt 1—Elevator Control System - Modification [F2009L03032]*.

    AD/L.40/7 Amdt 1—Landing Gear Aural Warning - Modification [F2009L03091]*.

    AD/L.40/10—Fuel Line - Inspection and Modification [F2009L03090]*.

    AD/MCH/3—Door Handle Operating Instructions [F2009L03028]*.

    AD/MCH/4—Smoking Placard - Installation [F2009L03027]*.

    AD/MCH/7—Bonding Points - Modification [F2009L03081]*.

    AD/MCH/8—Cabin Trim Head Shield - Installation [F2009L03026]*.

    AD/MSR/29—Engine Mount [F2009L03025]*.

    AD/PA-23/93—Nose Baggage Door [F2009L03024]*.

    AD/PA-31/131—Nose Baggage Door [F2009L03023]*.

    AD/PA-42/26—Nose Baggage Door [F2009L03022]*.

    AD/PZL/2—Aileron Attach Hinges [F2009L03021]*.

    AD/WILGA/5—Fuselage Front Posts [F2009L03019]*.

    AD/WINJEEL/1 Amdt 1—Rudder Pulley Bracket Assembly [F2009L03018]*.

   Part 106—

    AD/LTS/2—Inspection of Torque Applied to Number Ten Bearing Outer Race Nut 4-082-052-02 [F2009L03089]*.

    AD/LTS/3—Power Turbine Governor - Functional Check/Replacement [F2009L03088]*.

    AD/LYC/87—Challenger Engineering Chrome Plated Cylinder Barrels [F2009L03087]*.

 Corporations Act—ASIC Class Order [CO 09/626] [F2009L03131]*.

 Customs Act—Tariff Concession Orders—

  0902630 [F2009L02887]*.

  0903182 [F2009L02879]*.

  0903183 [F2009L02880]*.

  0903185 [F2009L02878]*.

  0903333 [F2009L02894]*.

  0903763 [F2009L02896]*.

  0903764 [F2009L02901]*.

  0904232 [F2009L02895]*.

  0905015 [F2009L02931]*.

  0905484 [F2009L02888]*.

  0905485 [F2009L02889]*.

  0905486 [F2009L02892]*.

 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Amendment of list of specimens taken to be suitable for live import—EPBC/s.303EC/SSLI/Amend/031 [F2009L03132]*.

 Financial Management and Accountability Act—Financial Management and Accountability Determination 2009/23—Media Commissions Special Account Variation and Abolition 2009 [F2009L03141]*.

 Remuneration Tribunal Act—Determinations—

  2009/09: Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Public Office, Judicial and Related Offices, Members of Parliament, and Specified Statutory Officers [F2009L03118] [substituted by the legislative instrument tabled on 17 August 2009 (see entry no. 13, 17 August 2009)]*.

  2009/10: Official Travel by Office Holders [F2009L03116]*.

  2009/11: Members of Parliament - Travelling Allowance [F2009L03117]*.

 Therapeutic Goods Act—

  Poisons Standard Amendment No. 2 of 2009 [F2009L03013]*.

  Therapeutic Goods (Emergency) Exemption 2009 (No. 6).

* Explanatory statement tabled with legislative instrument.