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The Deputy President (Senator Crichton-Browne), pursuant to the

resolutions of the Senate and House of Representatives of 6 September

1984 and 11 October 1984, respectively, relating to the release of in

camera evidence and records of joint committees which have been in the

custody of the Parliament for at least 30 years, reported to the Senate

that the President and the Speaker had authorised the release of

material relating to the Joint Committee on Social Security (1940-46) to

Mr Damien Browne, public researcher, and tabled the following documents:

Social Security--Joint Committee--Copies of letters from--

Access and Information Services (Barbara Court), Australian Archives

to Clerk of the House of Representatives (L M Barlin), dated 20

January 1995.

Clerk of the House of Representatives to--

Damien Browne, dated 20 February 1995.

Director-General, Australian Archives, dated 20 February 1995.

Clerk of the Senate (Harry Evans) and Clerk of the House of

Representatives to the President of the Senate (Senator Beahan) and

Speaker of the House of Representatives (Mr Martin), dated 6

February 1995.