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The Chair of the Employment, Education and Training References Committee

(Senator Tierney), pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a

formal motion, moved--That, with respect to the inquiry into the

education and training of people in Australian corrective institutions

referred to the Employment, Education and Training References Committee

by the Senate on 17 November 1994, the following terms of reference be

substituted for those originally referred:

(1) That the following matter be referred to the Employment,

Education and Training References Committee for inquiry and

report on or before 26 October 1995:

Education and training of people in Australian correctional and

juvenile justice facilities in the context of the National

Training Reform Agenda.

(2) That the committee establish guidelines and principles for the

participation of adults and juveniles in custody in education

and accredited vocational training, and for their access to the

range of lifelong learning opportunities available to the

community at large and, in particular, the committee:

(a) establish a national agenda for the employment,

education and training of offenders which is integrated

with Australia's national employment, education and

training policies, and which is consistent with United

Nations conventions;

(b) describe the range of education, training and

rehabilitation needs of offenders, both award and

non-award programs, and any special features of the

design and delivery of those programs required to

optimise the relevance and accessibility of those

programs to offenders;

(c) identify or recommend links and pathways between the

educational programs within correctional facilities and

those offered by the public education systems;

(d) determine the professional development requirements of

custodial staff in their efforts to facilitate and

support the learning process for adults and juveniles

in custody;

(e) identify provisions in other government services which

impact upon education and training opportunities for

people in correctional facilities, and which require

modification in their application to such people while

in custody and upon release; and

(f) identify the particular requirements of those people

with special needs arising from disability, or through

circumstances of identified disadvantage.

Question put and passed.