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Senator Jones, at the request of the Chair of the Standing Committee on

Publications (Senator McKiernan), tabled the following report:



The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with

the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Committee, having considered petitions and documents presented to

the Parliament since 20 September 1994, recommends that the following

be printed:

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody--Royal Commission--Implementation of

Australian Capital Territory Government responses to the

recommendations of the Royal Commission--Report for 1992-93.

Anti-Dumping Authority Act--Anti-Dumping Authority--Report for


Audit Act--Australian Hearing Services--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act--Australian Statistics Advisory

Council--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management)

Act--National Capital Planning Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Heritage Commission Act--Australian Heritage

Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Industry Development Corporation Act--Australian Industry

Development Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Studies Act--Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander Studies--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act--Australian Maritime Safety

Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Act--Australian Meat and

Live-Stock Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Australian National University Act--Council of the Australian

National University--Report for 1993.

Australian Security Intelligence Organization Act--Security Appeals

Tribunal--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Sports Drug Agency Act--Australian Sports Drug

Agency--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Wool Realisation Commission Act--Australian Wool

Realisation Commission--Final report for period 1 July to 30

November 1993.

Commissioner of Taxation--Report for 1993-94.

Commonwealth Funds Management Limited--Report and annual return for


Complaints (Australian Federal Police) Act--Federal Police

Disciplinary Tribunal--Report for 1993-94.

Construction Industry Reform and Development Act--Construction

Industry Development Agency--Corrigendum to report for 1993-94.

Construction Industry Reform and Development Act--Construction

Industry Development Agency--Report for 1993-94.

Customs Administration Act--Australian Customs Service--Report for


Data-matching Program (Assistance and Tax) Act--Reports for


Department of Employment, Education and Training.

Commissioner of Taxation.

Department of Housing and Regional Development.

Department of Social Security.

Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Defence Force Discipline Act--Judge Advocate General--Report for


Director of Public Prosecutions Act--Office of the Director of

Public Prosecutions--Report for 1993-94.

Economic Planning Advisory Council Act--Economic Planning Advisory

Council--Report for 1993-94.

Financial Transaction Reports Act--Australian Transaction Reports

and Analysis Centre--Report for 1993-94.

Government securities on issue at 30 June 1994.

Industrial Relations Act--Australian Industrial Relations Commission

and the Australian Industrial Registry--Report for 1993-94.

Industry Commission Act--Industry Commission--Report No.

40--Petroleum products, 5 July 1994.

Industry Research and Development Act--Industry Research and

Development Board--Report for 1993-94.

Maritime College Act--Australian Maritime College--Report for 1993.

Meat Research Corporation Act--Meat Research Corporation--Reportfor


Merit Protection (Australian Government Employees) Act--Merit

Protection and Review Agency--Report for 1993-94.

National Debt Sinking Fund Act--National Debt Commission--Reportfor


National Food Authority Act--National Food Authority--Report for


National Measurement Act--National Standards Commission--Report for


Natural Resources Management (Financial Assistance) Act--National

Landcare Advisory Committee--Report for period 24 December 1992 to

30 June 1994.

Ombudsman Act--Commonwealth and Defence Force

Ombudsman--Report,including a report made pursuant to the Complaints

(Australian Federal Police) Act, for 1993-94.

Primary Industry Councils Act--Australian Pig Industry

Council--Report for period 20 September 1993 to 30 June 1994.

Public Service Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Department of Industry, Science and Technology.

Department of Parliamentary Reporting Staff.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Department of the Treasury.

Department of Tourism.

Remuneration Tribunal Act--Remuneration Tribunal--Report for


Resource Assessment Commission Act--Resource Assessment

Commission--Report for period 1 July to 31 December 1993.

Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act--Seafarers Safety,

Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Social Security Act--Social Security Appeals Tribunal--Report for


Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Development Authority Act--Textiles,

Clothing and Footwear Development Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Trade Practices Act--Trade Practices Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Trade Union Training Authority Act--Australian Trade Union Training

Authority--Report for 1993-94.



20 October 1994

Senator Jones, by leave, moved--That the report be adopted.

Question put and passed.