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The Acting Deputy President (Senator Childs) tabled the following

document, received on 19 May 1994 pursuant to the resolution of the

Senate of 13 February 1991, and informed the Senate that, in accordance

with the terms of the resolution, the President had given directions for

the printing and circulation of the document:

Community Cultural, Recreation and Sporting Facilities

Program--Efficiency audit of the Auditor-General's report (No. 9,

1993-94) and House of Representatives Standing Committee on

Environment, Recreation and the Arts review of the Auditor-General's

report--Government response.

Senator Baume, by leave, moved--That the Senate take note of the


Debate ensued.

Senator Campbell moved the following amendment:

At end of motion, add "and the Senate also:

(a) condemns the Government for its entirely unsatisfactory response

to the Auditor General's report on sports rorts on which $60

million was spent in a blatant program of political pork

barrelling; and

(b) further condemns the Government for inflicting retribution on

the Australian National Audit Office by slashing their funding

by $7.5 million contrary to commitments made by the Leader of

the Government in the Senate (Senator Gareth Evans) on 3 March

1994 in the so-called "accountability package'".

Debate ensued.

Question--That the amendment be agreed to--put and passed.

Main question, as amended, put and passed.