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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection

Act--Declaration under section 9--1994 No. 2.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Act--Orders--1994 Nos

M69/94 and MQ54/94.

Australian National University Act--Statutes--Nos 228-230.

Civil Aviation Act--Orders--Parts--

105--dated 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16 and 20 May 1994 (3).

106--dated 13 May 1994.

107--dated 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 19 May 1994.

108--dated 24 May 1994.

Copyright Act--Declaration under section 10A, dated 20 April 1994.

Endangered Species Protection Act--Declaration under section 18

amending Schedule 1, dated 9 April 1994.

Export Market Development Grants Act--Guidelines for the approval of

joint ventures and consortia under section 42, dated 9 May 1994.

Health Insurance Act--

Declarations--1994 Nos QAA 1 and QAA 2.

Determination--1994 No. HS/2/1994.

Professional Services Review Scheme--

Directions as to sampling, dated 9 May 1994.

Guidelines as to form and content of referrals to the Director of

Professional Services Review, dated 9 May 1994.

National Health Act--

Declaration--1994 No. PB 7.

Determination--1994 No. PB 8.

Navigation Act--Marine Orders--1994 No. 4.

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act--Amendment of schemes--1994 No.


Superannuation Act 1976--Determinations--1994--under section--

133--Superannuation (CSS) Assets Transfer (Australia Post

Superannuation Scheme)--No. 2.

134--Superannuation (CSS) Employer Component Payment (Australia Post

Superannuation Scheme)--No. 3.

240--Superannuation (CSS) Assets Transfer (CAA Staff Superannuation

Fund)--No. 4.

241--Superannuation (CSS) Employer Component Payment (CAA Staff

Superannuation Fund)--No. 4.