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The Deputy President (Senator Crichton-Browne) informed the Senate that

the President had received a letter from Senator Crane raising a matter

of privilege relating to an alleged interference with a witness before

the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training and,

pursuant to the procedures provided by standing order 81 and resolution

of the Senate of 25 February 1988, the President had determined that a

motion relating to the matter may have precedence of all other business

on the day for which the notice is given.

Documents: The Deputy President tabled the following documents:

Privileges--Standing Committee--Reference--

Letter from Senator Crane to the President of the Senate, dated 12

May 1994.

Copy of extract from the Australian Financial Review, 29 March 1994.

Notice of motion: Senator Crane gave a notice of motion as follows: To

move on the next day of sitting--That the following matter be referred

to the Committee of Privileges:

Whether Mr Roger Boland was subjected to any penalty or injury, or

deprived of any benefit, on account of evidence given by him to a

Senate committee, and, if so, whether any contempt was committed.