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The following Government documents were tabled pursuant to the order of

the Senate of 18 August 1993:

Audit Act--Auditor-General--Audit Report No. 26 of 1993-94--Report on

the audit of the Australian Wheat Board 1992-93.

Audit Act and Primary Industries and Energy Research and

DevelopmentAct--Land and Water Resources Research and Development

Corporation and Land and Water Resources Research and Development

Corporation Selection Committee--Reports for 1992-93.

Commonwealth Grants Commission Act--Commonwealth Grants

Commission--Report on General Revenue Grant Relativities--1994 Update.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Act--Council for Aboriginal

Reconciliation--Report for 1992-93.

Law Reform Commission Act--Law Reform Commission--Report No. 67

(Interim)--Equality before the Law: Women's Access to the Legal


National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act--Australian Nature

Conservation Agency--Report for 1992-93.