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Notices of motion:

Senator Vanstone: To move on the next day of sitting--That the time for

the presentation of the report of the Joint Statutory Committee on the

Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings on the broadcasting of Senate

proceedings after 11.30 p.m. and on a Saturday be extended to 12 May


Senator Spindler: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate

notes that--

(a) during the 1992-93 financial year Australian community legal

centres have provided legal advice and assistance to

approximately 220 000 people;

(b) in addition, community legal centres have provided legal

education and information programs which have informed countless

others of their rights and obligations under the law;

(c) approximately half of this work was carried out on a voluntary


(d) community legal centres are providing an effective counter to

the rising cost of justice; and

(e) increased budget support for community legal centres would be an

extremely cost effective way to increase access to the legal


Senator Margetts: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) the culmination, on the weekend of 5 and 6 March 1994,

of a month's festivities with the Sydney Gay and

Lesbian Mardi Gras parade and party,

(ii) that this festival is both a celebrationof the

contribution of the gay and lesbian community to

Australian society and culture and that the festival

itself is a major contributor to the economic

well-being of the State of New South Wales and

Australia as a whole, and

(iii) that the festival's theme of "we are family' is in

recognition of the important role that loving and

supportive gay and lesbian families play in today's

society, and

(b) applauds the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's decision to

show highlights of the festival parade on 6 March 1994 at 8.30


Senator Jones: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes the agreement by Bosnian Muslims and Croats to a framework

for the establishment of a federation in Bosnia-Herzegovina;

(b) notes that the agreement would create a federation of cantons

where the majority of the population is either Muslim or Croat

and that they would have equal rights;

(c) urges the Bosnian Serbs, who have military control of more than

half the former Yugoslavian republic, to take part in peace

talks to end the conflict;

(d) deplores the continuation of the conflict which has seen the

death of more than 200 000 people in the past 2 years; and

(e) urges the United Nations, individual governments and all parties

involved to continue their efforts to work for a resolution of

the civil war.

Senator Vanstone: To move on the next day of sitting--That paragraph (a)

of the order of the Senate of 6 May 1993 relating to time limits for

questions without notice and answers be amended by omitting "4 minutes'

and substituting "3 minutes'.

Senator Spindler: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) recent reports that the Australian Institute of

Criminology is facing severe funding cuts and that its

independenceis threatened,

(ii) that the institute has carried out research and

provided valuable information across a wide range of

topics to other law enforcement agencies, to Parliament

and to the Australian community generally, and

(iii) further, that one of the institute's current projects,

the database on violence against women, is particularly

deserving of further support; and

(b) urges the Government to remove the current uncertainty about the

institute and allocate adequate funds in the 1994-95 Budget to

enable the Australian Institute of Criminology to continue its

valuable work.

Senator Chamarette: To move on the next day of sitting--That--

(a) the Government Business notice of motion and order of the day

relating to a proposed committee and register of Senators'

interests have precedence over all other Government Business

this day; and

(b) the following provisions apply to consideration of those


(i) the following time limits apply to the further

consideration of the motions specified:


Registration of Senators'

Interests--proposed resolution 150

Proposed new standing order 22A30, and

(ii) this resolution apply to the motions as if they were

questions for the passage of stages of bills, and have

the same effect as an allotment of time for the

consideration of bills under standing order 142, except


(a) at any time during the consideration of each motion

any Senator may move a motion to extend the time

allotted for that motion, and that question shall be

put and determined without debate, but no more than

two such extension motions may be moved, and

(b) at the expiration of the time allotted for each

motion, any amendment to that motion which has been

circulated by any Senator but not moved shall be put

and determined, and any Senator who has circulated

amendments may speak for not more than five minutes to

all of those amendments together before the question

on the amendments is put.

Intention to withdraw: The Chairman of the Standing Committee on

Regulations and Ordinances (Senator Colston) pursuant to standing order

78, gave notice of his intention, at the giving of notices on the next

day of sitting, to withdraw Business of the Senate notice of motion no.

1 standing in his name for 6 sitting days after today for the

disallowance of the Civil Aviation Regulations (Amendment) as contained

in Statutory Rules 1993 No. 319 and made under the Civil Aviation Act