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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and

Training (Senator Zakharov), pursuant to notice of motion not objected

to as a formal motion, moved--That the following matter be referred to

the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training for inquiry

and report on or before the last sitting day of December 1994:

The development of open learning in Australia for the purposes of

enhancing participation in higher education and post-secondary

vocational education and training, including consideration of:

(a) the extent of existing applications of open learning

methodologies in education and industry training;

(b) the appropriateness and effectiveness of current policies and

institutional arrangements for the development and delivery of

Australian open learning services both within Australia and


(c) strategies for ensuring the efficient use of, and compatibility

between, the communications technologies networks and facilities

being developed for the delivery of open learning in the various

sectors of education and training;

(d) issues of quality control, course articulation and credit

transfer within and between sectors; and

(e) the potential of open learning in the light of anticipated

developments in Australia's telecommunications infrastructure

and in information technology generally.

Question put and passed.