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The Deputy President (Senator Crichton-Browne) tabled the following


Burma (Myanmar)--Human Rights--Letter from the Ambassador for the

Union of Myanmar (His Excellency Saw Tun) to the President of the

Senate (Senator Beahan) responding to the resolution of the Senate of

23 November 1993, dated 24 February 1994.

Senator Reid, by leave, moved--That the Senate take note of the


Question put and passed.

Senator Reid, by leave, gave a notice of motion as follows: To move on

the next day of sitting--That the following matters be referred to the

Human Rights Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign

Affairs, Defence and Trade for inquiry and report:

The Senate resolution of 23 November 1993 relating to human rights and

the lack of progress towards democracy in Myanmar and the letter from

the Ambassador of the Union of Myanmar responding to the resolution.