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The following Government documents were tabled pursuant to the order of

the Senate of 18 August 1993:

Anti-Dumping Authority Act--Anti-Dumping Authority--Report for


Australian Industrial Property Organisation--Trade Marks Office--Trade

Marks Bill 1994--

Exposure Draft.

Accompanying Notes.

Department of Finance--

Financial Statement Guidelines for Departmental Secretaries--January


Accrual Reporting.

Modified Cash Reporting.

Guidelines for Financial Statements of Public Authorities and

Commercial Activities--January 1994.

Employment, Education and Training Act--National Board of Employment,

Education and Training--Reports--

Australian Language and Literacy Council--Speaking of Business: The

Needs of Business and Industry for Language Skills, February 1994.

Australian Research Council--The Strategic Role of Academic

Research, February 1994.

Higher Education Funding for the 1994-96 Triennium--Report by the

Minister for Employment, Education and Training, 21 December 1993.

National Food Authority Act--National Food Authority--Report for