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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and

Training (Senator Zakharov), pursuant to notice of motion not objected

to as a formal motion, moved--That the following matters be referred to

the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training for inquiry

and report by the last sitting day of December 1994:

(1) The accountability of Commonwealth, State and Territory

authorities for the expenditure of Commonwealth funds under the

Schools Program, including general recurrent grants, capital

grants, targeted assistance and national priority programs, with

specific reference to the appropriateness and effectiveness of

current accountability mechanisms.

(2) The implications of Commonwealth funding arrangements for schools

for the quality of, and equity of access to, primary and secondary


(3) The extent to which the Commonwealth's role in post-compulsory

education and training could be strengthened to enhance national

economic and social objectives such as:

(i) the achievement of full employment;

(ii) the development of a more flexible, highly skilled and

productive workforce; and

(iii) the development of a more literate, articulate and

democratic society.

Question put and passed.