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The following Government documents were tabled pursuant to the order of

the Senate of 18 August 1993:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act--Reports for


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act--Reports for 1992-93--

Aboriginals Benefit Trust Account.

Central Land Council.

Tiwi Land Council.

Advance to the Minister for Finance--


December 1993.

January 1994.

Supporting Applications of Issues--December 1993 and January 1994.

Audit Act and Primary Industries and Energy Research and

DevelopmentAct--Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton

Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee--Reports for


Australian Securities Commission Act--Companies and Securities

Advisory Committee--Report for 1992-93.

Employment, Education and Training Act--National Board of Employment,

Education and Training--

Australian Research Council--

Collaborative Activities of the Institute of Advanced Studies, The

Australian National University--Report for 1992.

Evaluation Program--Reviews of Grants Outcomes--Molecular Biology

1987-1991 (No. 12).

Report--Science and Technology Education: Foundation for the Future,

February 1994.

Family Law Act--Family Law Council--Report for 1992-93.

National Training Board Ltd--Report for 1992-93.