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Senator Kilgariff:

No. 1-To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate calls upon the Federal Government to reject the recommendations of the Cameron Inquiry into the distribution of Federal road grants, given that, if implemented, they would favour urban areas at the expense of rural areas, where roads have already suffered as a result of the Federal Government's reductions in overall road funding.

No. 2-To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with concern the refusal of the Federal Minister for Education (Senator Ryan) to recognise the University College of the Northern Territory;

(b) condemns this blatantly discriminatory action which has resulted in University College students being ineligible to apply for Austudy and Abstudy;

(c) rejects as totally inadequate the Minister's offer to the Northern Territory Government of 20 University College places at the Darwin Institute of Technology, given that the University College's enrolment has already exceeded 200;

(d) commends the Northern Territory Government for its commitment to providing tertiary education opportunities for Northern Territory students, and South East Asian students, some 30 of whom are enrolled at the new College;

(e) congratulates the Northern Territory Government for providing these facilities at a bargain basement price, by converting the old Darwin Hospital into a University College campus at the cost of just $6m., as opposed to the estimated $30m. it would have cost to build the facilities from scratch; and

(f) calls upon Senator Ryan immediately to reverse her decision to refuse recognition to the University College of the Northern Territory.