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Senator Coleman, pursuant to Notice of Motion not objected to as a Formal Motion, moved-That the following matter be referred to the Standing Committee on Industry and Trade for inquiry and report: A re-examination of the Closer Economic Relationship (CER) between Australia and New Zealand, with particular reference to: (a) the impact of sharp currency fluctuations;

(b) the need for safeguard provisions;

(c) the growth of trade between both countries since the commencement of CER;

(d) the impact on local industries, including tourism;

(e) the change in the composition of the Australian labour market;

(f) the progress made on the staged removal of tariffs, import licences and export incentives;

(g) the progress made on the inclusion of sensitive industries such as dairy products, iron and steel, timber, fishing and vegetables, etc.;

(h) the scope for investment and the involvement of the financial sector;

(i) the identification of regional problems resulting from the implementation of CER; and

(j) the impact on third country trade.

Question-put and passed.