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The Minister for Social Security (Senator Grimes) laid upon the Table the following Papers: Australian National University Act-Australian National University- Interim Annual Report of the Council (Part 1), for year 1983.

Statement relating to an extension of time for the presentation of the Annual Report by the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs.

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Agricultural Wheeled Tractors and Certain Parts (Interim Report), dated 16 February 1984 (No. 340).

Agricultural Wheeled Tractors and Certain Parts, dated 18 June 1984 (No. 348).

Computer Hardware and Software; Typewriters, Calculating and Other Office Machines; Parts and Accessories; Recording Media; Metal Working Machine Tools; Robots, dated 7 February 1984 (No. 338).

Electric Motors (Interim Report), dated 16 April 1984 (No. 346).

Industrial Overalls, dated 18 July 1984 (No. 350).

Rural Adjustment, dated 15 March 1984 (No. 344).

Southern Bluefin Tuna, dated 28 June 1984 (No. 349).

Tableware and Other Goods of Ceramics (Interim Report), dated 24 February 1984 (No. 341).

Industries Assistance Commission Act-Temporary Assistance Authority-Report on Filament Lamps, dated 14 June 1984 (No. 64).

Vietnam Veterans' Counselling Service- Evaluation of Vietnam Veterans' Counselling Service (Part 1), dated 13 January 1984.

Statement by the Minister for Veterans' Affairs.