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The Minister for Industry and Commerce (Senator Button) laid upon the Table the following Papers: Administrative Review Council-Reports- Review of Taxation Decisions by Boards of Review-Report to the Attorney-General, dated 6 June 1983 (No. 17).

Rights of Review under the Migration Act 1958 and related legislation-Interim Report on the Constitution of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal-Report to the Attorney-General, dated 4 August 1983 (No. 19).

ANZUS Treaty-Review-Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Mr Hayden).

Australian Science and Technology Council Act-Australian Science and Technology Council-Annual Report, for year 1982-83.

National Railway Network (Financial Assistance) Act- Supplemental Agreement in relation to the provision of financial assistance to the State of Victoria in respect of projects by way of improvement of main railway lines in Victoria (1983), dated 26 May 1983.

Statement by the Minister for Transport (Mr Morris).

Parliament Act- Proposal, together with site plan and design sketch, for the construction within the Parliamentary Zone of two standard bus shelters and one additional streetlight in King George Terrace.

Statement by the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Gietzelt).

Petroleum Products Pricing Act-Petroleum Products Pricing Authority-Annual Report (3rd), for year 1982-83.