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Senator Peter Rae, by leave, moved-That the following Papers be referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Government Operations for investigation and report as to the reasons for the delay in their presentation or, alternatively, for qualifications by the Auditor-General: Australian Egg Board-Annual Report 1981-82

Special Broadcasting Service-Annual Report 1981-82

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal-Annual Report 1981-82

National Library of Australia-Annual Report 1981-82

Phosphate Mining Company of Christmas Island Ltd-Annual Report 1981-82

Australian War Memorial-Annual Report 1980-81

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization-Annual Report 1981- 82

High Court of Australia-Annual Report 1980-81

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority-Annual Report 1981-82

Housing Loans Insurance Corporation-Annual Report 1982

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation-Annual Report 1981-82

Australian Maritime College-Annual Report 1981

Australian Broadcasting Commission-Annual Report 1981-82

Health Insurance Commission-Annual Report 1981-82

Superannuation Fund Investment Trust and Commissioner for Superannuation -Annual Report 1980-81

Australian Wheat Board-Annual Report 1981-82

Question-put and passed.