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Monday, 7 November 2011
Page: 8432

Senator BERNARDI (South Australia) (21:46): It is clear from observing this debate how palpable Senator Xenophon's frustration is at how expeditedly his amend­ments are not being handled. It is clear also that there are many people in this chamber who are interested in this debate and the detail of it. I also understand that the government and the Greens want to limit the debate on it, hence the gag order that is in place for tomorrow.

But one of the important things that I think the Senate needs to take note of today is the fact that there has been filibustering by the government. Unfortunately, the filibust­ering has been by many senators who were elected at the last election under that clear promise by Ms Gillard that there would be no carbon tax under the government she led. Clearly that was a misstatement. It was a false statement. It was an outrageous deceit played out upon the Australian people and they on that side of the chamber are complicit in doing so.

In consideration of the limit that this government is putting on debate and the fact we have only one hour for consideration in committee tomorrow morning, it is my inten­tion to move later on that the Senate continue to sit tonight to enable the committee stage of the Clean Energy Bill 2011 and the 17 related bills to continue until at least 11 pm, with the adjournment then being proposed. This one-hour extension of time tonight would simply make up for the time that has been taken up by the government members who have been talking in this committee stage and in this debate even though they went to the last election promising not to introduce a carbon tax and promising not to support it. In order for me to achieve this aim, I need to move that the committee report progress and seek leave to meet at a later hour. I move:

That progress be reported.

Question put.

The committee divided. [21:52]

(The Chairman—Senator Parry)

Question negatived.

The CHAIRMAN: It being after 9.50 pm, I shall report progress to the Senate.

Progress reported.