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Monday, 29 February 2016
Page: 1227

The PRESIDENT (10:02): Does any senator wish to have the question put on any of those meetings?

Senator Wong: Mr President, can you please be clear with the Senate—is leave required to speak in relation to any of these meetings?

The PRESIDENT: No, the practice now is that, unless any senator wishes to have the question put on any motion, it is deemed that those motions are agreed to—that those meetings can take place. But we always ask at this juncture whether any senator wishes to have the question put on any one of those committee meetings. You have the right to have the question put without any debate or without any amendment. It just goes straight to a vote.

Senator Conroy: Do I need leave if I do wish to speak about one of the committees?

The PRESIDENT: Yes, then you need to seek leave.