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Thursday, 15 May 2014
Page: 2713

Senator MARSHALL (Victoria) (11:49): Yes. Unfortunately, that hardly gives me enough time to develop the argument that I was intending to develop. I did want to speak in some detail on the National Integrity Commission Bill 2013. Fundamentally, I support the motives behind this bill. It is important that the public have trust not only in their Public Service and their parliament but in the institutions that we rely on to implement our laws, especially in the criminal areas. Recently in Victoria we have seen the UN shine a light on some of the inherent problems of investigation with the Victoria Police Force. We know that, while all agencies have different cultures, simply relying on agencies to investigate themselves, in the hope that that would lead to the finding and prosecution of corruption, is a forlorn hope. The UN shone a light on what happened in Victoria, and we need to shine a light on what happens everywhere else. Regrettably, I think my time has now expired.

The PRESIDENT: The time for the debate has expired at this stage, not your time, Senator Marshall. You will be in continuation if the bill comes on again before the Senate.

Debate adjourned.