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Monday, 13 February 2017
Page: 685

Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (17:09): On 25 January this year Evan Moorehead, the state secretary of the Labor Party in Queensland, speaks with a One Nation official: 'Hey, mate, here's the deal: One Nation's to run dead in Queensland Labor seats and in return Labor'—that very principled party—'will run dead in One Nation strongholds or seats where the ALP has no chance of winning'. Now, this is the team who has the hide to come into this parliament and blame the coalition for doing deals with One Nation. When it comes to the question of whether you believe Mr Moorehead—who I confess I do not know—or Senator Hanson, I will go with Senator Hanson all the time. You may not agree with what she says, but you always know that she speaks her mind and she speaks it truthfully.

We have just heard from Senator McAllister a third-hand assurance by the Queensland Labor Party—that principled group up there in Queensland—that they are going to put One Nation last. Okay, I do not believe it, but the proof is always in the pudding. But as anyone in this chamber knows, the Labor Party in Queensland and elsewhere does not run the campaign. The campaign is run by the CFMEU, the CPSU and all of the other unions who run around Queensland saying, 'Put the LNP last.' I will repeat that. This is the Labor Party's main campaign arm—the unions—running around Queensland saying, 'Put the LNP last.' Now, how does that coincide, how does that gel, with what we have just heard—that the Labor Party is going to put One Nation last?

It just shows the abject inability of the Labor Party to tell the truth, to have any semblance of honesty and forthrightness. If there are Labor Party Queensland speakers to speak in this debate today, I challenge them to say here and now that not only will the Labor Party put One Nation last but that our minders—the people who run us, the people who provide all of our money, the people who provide all of the thugs on the polling booths—will also put One Nation last. And I will bet that there is not a Labor person here who is prepared to say that, because Labor is controlled by the unions. They run the campaign. They know that they will run around at the next Queensland election with a slogan of putting the LNP last. And you can judge from that the absolute hypocrisy of the Labor Party in Queensland. (Time expired)