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Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Page: 1549

Senator CAROL BROWN (Tasmania) (18:52): I would like to take a few minutes tonight to talk about a very important ceremony that I attended a couple of weeks ago for a very dear friend of mine. I have actually spoken in the Senate about this ceremony, but I did want to take another couple of minutes to remind the Senate of the good works of my dear friend and life member of the Labor Party, Joan Fitz-Nead. She was honoured on an initiative by the Goulburn Street Primary School students of 5/6 Harrison—a group of children who have come, in a way, to adopt her as an elder statesman. She is a woman who has fought all her life for those less fortunate and those who were vulnerable to exiting education—she is a former teacher. She is a woman who I have held in great esteem and who has mentored me through my time in the Labor Party.

I will end it there, but I will come back and inform the Senate of more of the good works of Joan Fitz-Nead.