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Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Page: 1494

Senator WHISH-WILSON (Tasmania) (16:11): I seek leave to make a short statement.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Leave is granted for one minute.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: There are two parts to this motion. The first part relates to whaling; the second part relates to illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean. The exact wording for both sections came directly from the coalition's policy. The part relating to whaling was taken word-for-word from Minister Hunt's website. The second section on illegal fishing and patrolling illegal fishing was taken from the coalition's election plan on fishing. I highlight the words:

… ensure that the resources devoted to patrolling illegal foreign fishing are not diverted to other activities.

The problem we have at the moment is that our custom-built boat for the Southern Ocean, the Ocean Protector, is off Christmas Island acting as an expensive water taxi. It is needed in the Southern Ocean and it should be off Macquarie Island. I expect the coalition to support today's motion given that these exact words are word-for-word from their policy documents.