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Monday, 7 July 2014
Page: 4154

Senator MILNE (TasmaniaLeader of the Australian Greens) (10:23): I wish to recommend Senator Ludlam as President of the Senate. He was first elected at the 2007 election and has since been a dedicated representative of the state of Western Australia, working hard to represent his constituents. He was re-elected at this election and is an active and engaged parliamentarian. He has distinguished committee service. He has been a prolific and effective participant in many committees and, through the process, he has initiated Australia's first national inquiry into public transport and inquiries into structural changes to the justice system and protections for privacy, particularly online. He has been a member of the Senate Standing Committee of Privileges. He has represented on numerous legislative and references committees, including Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade; Legal and Constitutional Affairs; and Environment and Communications. He has been on the Senate Select Committee on the NBN, the joint standing committees on Treaties and Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, and of course the Select Committee on Cyber Safety.

He has successfully represented this parliament overseas on delegations to Timor-Leste and also to China and Hong Kong. He has been a Greens spokesperson on many issues that have come before the Senate and a strong advocate on all these policy areas. But when he has been in the chair of the Senate he has demonstrated a considered, measured and impartial view of proceedings, and that is what we would seek from a President of the Senate. I do think that it is time that the idea that it is an automatic exchange between the government of the day and one opposition party has to change. The nation has made it clear that it wants its representative democracy to have a different make-up in the Senate, and I commend Senator Ludlam to the Senate as its next President.

The Clerk: If no other senator wishes to address the nominations, there being two nominations, in accordance with the standing orders, a ballot will be held. But before proceeding to a ballot, the bells will be rung for four minutes.

The bells having been rung—

The Clerk : The Senate will now proceed to ballot. Ballot papers will be distributed to all honourable senators, who are requested to write upon the paper the name of the candidate for whom they wish to vote. The candidates are Senator Parry and Senator Ludlam. I invite Senator Bushby and Senator Siewert to act as scrutineers.

A ballot having been taken—

The Clerk : The result of the ballot is as follows: Senator Parry, 63 votes; Senator Ludlam, 10 votes; two informal; and one absent. Senator Parry is therefore elected as President of the Senate in accordance with the standing orders.

Senator Parry having been conducted to the dais—