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Monday, 17 September 2012
Page: 7117

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (21:50): In the past week Senator Sinodinos has misrepresented my position on the 9-11 terrorist attack and has falsely associated me with anti-Semitism. I believe I have been vilified and I completely reject these implications which have been repeated and expanded upon by Christian Kerr in the Australian. The attempts to link me to the views of the 9-11 'truthers' who deny al-Qaeda's role in the terrorist attack are guilt-by-association smear tactics reminiscent of McCarthyism. I do not support the ideas of the 9-11 'truthers'.

I meet regularly with a wide range of constituents. Meeting with a constituent does not mean that I support their views. I have met with members of Truth Action; I do not support their ideas. I completely reject the false implication of anti-Semitism made by Senator Sinodinos and reported in the Australian. I condemn all forms of bigotry and racism. False accusations of anti-Semitism are a gutter tactic.

The attempt by Christian Kerr to link me with Nazi sympathisers because a 9-11 'truther' I had met, in an unrelated meeting, may have met with Australia First leader, Jim Salem, is ludicrous. It is vilification on the part of Mr Kerr.