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Monday, 23 November 2015
Page: 8586

Senator KIM CARR (Victoria) (13:02): I raise a question. The matters we had before us go to children in detention. Senator Hanson-Young has moved amendments (1) and (2). Is it her intention to move amendment (5) separately? Should it not be dealt with in this same category? The reason I ask that is that we will be opposing amendment (3) and seeking to amend amendment (4). I am concerned that, because there is no running sheet here, it is difficult to assess the subject matter. My reading of those amendments, though, is that they all go to the same issue—that is, children in detention. I am wondering why amendment (5) has not been moved at this point and whether that is the intention of Senator Hanson-Young.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN ( Senator Reynolds ): Senator Hanson-Young, is it your intention to move just amendments (1) and (2) together and the others individually?