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Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Page: 4194

Senator PATRICK (South Australia) (17:34): I support Senator Anning's right to raise any issue in this place, and there are times when you can do that to deal with complex issues, but I support many of the points that Senator Wong has just made about why it's difficult to deal with a complex matter like this in a one-page motion. You know the process we go through—we read through these things every night, trying to understand all of the points that ground the motion. It's just a very, very difficult thing to do in one page. There are many other ways in which we can express our concerns and explore issues, including references to the foreign affairs, defence and trade committees. I'm not seeking to stop you raising those issues, but I agree that motions are a poor method to deal with the complex issues.

The PRESIDENT: The time for the debate has expired, so I'll now put the motion—Senator Wong?

Senator Wong: I did ask Senator Anning, given the circumstances, if I could be given leave for a short statement. I guarantee it will be short. If I could have that courtesy, I would appreciate it.

The PRESIDENT: Yes, when the motion is moved. The question is that the suspension motion moved by Senator Anning be agreed to.