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Thursday, 25 September 2014
Page: 7168

Senator HEFFERNAN (New South Wales) (15:15): Thank you, Mr Deputy President. I am instructed that during Senator Cameron's beating of the chest—I thought he was choking on his haggis—it was improper for me to assist him. I thought he was choking, so I banged him on the chest, but it did not seem to work. I might note that the CWA, if Doug had been a member in Sydney, probably would not have sold their building in Kings Cross, but whether he could get admission to the club I do not know. So I sincerely apologise to Doug if I, in trying to clear his chest, offended him.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Senator Heffernan, if you think that is a sincere apology to the Senate, you are very mistaken. I have never seen such a disorderly act as confronting physically a senator while they are on their feet making a contribution. I do accept that it was not malicious. If it had been, I would have taken other actions already. But I would expect a sincere apology.

Senator HEFFERNAN: I sincerely apologise if I have offended you and the chamber, but in the context of what has happened in the last—as Senator Birmingham has pointed out—it is complete rubbish.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: I think you should just make a sincere apology and leave it at that, Senator Heffernan.

Senator HEFFERNAN: All right.