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Thursday, 25 September 2014
Page: 7142

Senator XENOPHON (South Australia) (13:27): I do not purport ever to answer a question on behalf of Senator Brandis, but I imagine if there is not a statutory definition as to what a 'computer network' is there will be a common law definition as determined by the courts. I indicate that I will not be supporting the Australian Greens' amendment in relation to this. But, as a matter of some urgency, I am seeking to have an amendment drafted that I think would go some way to dealing with the concerns of Senators Leyonhjelm and Ludlam. That would be to require the annual report of Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security to give, in broad terms, the number of devices that may be captured by these warrants; something that would not affect an operational issue but would give a broad outline, from a disclosure point of view, as to how that would work. I am actually quite keen for this amendment to be dealt with. That is a matter for the Senate to deal with, but that is where I am at and I hope we can deal with.