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Thursday, 25 September 2014
Page: 7063

Senator MOORE (Queensland) (09:31): Mr President, we will support Senator Madigan's motion but we just want to put on record that we have had a Dynamic Red in circulation now for a couple of days, which has talked about the order in which these two private senators' bills will be considered this morning. It is just difficult at the last minute to change the program in such a way.

Of course, we will do it—private senators' business belongs to private senators and this is Senator Madigan's time. But it would just be useful in future to have discussion beforehand if we had a proposition to make such a change. I, myself, know much more about the trade policy than I needed to know at this time this morning! So in terms of process it would be very useful, where there is going to be a recommendation to change a publicly-acknowledged program, if we had some prior knowledge.