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Thursday, 28 June 2018
Page: 4393

Senator PATRICK (South Australia) (17:22): In some sense you talk about the AFP now having perhaps more operations as a result of this—the ability to examine the conduct of somebody and lay a charge. I might point out that the AFP generally doesn't sit inside the six organisations that would traditionally be considered the Australian intelligence community. But we know, from other legislation, that we are in fact trying to integrate, I think, 10 agencies under the same top-level coordination through the Prime Minister's office. We could have a circumstance where, in dealing with some of these new areas, we might have the AFP looking at matters in-country but perhaps being supported by ASIO—or indeed, ASIS outside the country—to verify some communications or something that's happening overseas. Is it fair to say that the execution of the enforcement of this bill would potentially involve all of the intelligence services all working together or at least a number of them working together?