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Thursday, 28 June 2018
Page: 4336

Senator McKIM (Tasmania) (13:55): So this is how it's going to be, is it, Minister? You're just going to sit there, not answer questions, have a sulk and a bit of a sook—is that how it's going to be?

Senator Seselja: I've already answered the question.

Senator McKIM: All right, Minister. I think that's arguable and contestable. But I want to go back to the definitions that you and I were discussing before Senator Rhiannon began her line of questioning and before other parliamentary procedures intervened and ask about organisations like, for example, Markets for Change, and about other politicians who might prepare in Australia to travel overseas with the express intent of convincing foreign markets not to purchase Australian products. I'll use, again, Tasmania as the context for this question. Say somebody in Australia works with other people in Australia—and there's a potential conspiracy, in my view, under the draconian terms of this legislation—to plan their overseas trip, and that overseas trip is designed with the specific intention of impacting on Australia's economic relationship with another country by convincing markets in that country not to purchase particular Australian products. Say, in the Tasmanian context, these are products from our native forests, which are so criminally still being crashed. Would a person in that situation, Minister, be caught by the provisions of this act and subject to the sabotage provisions?