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Thursday, 28 June 2018
Page: 4292


WHEREAS (1) over five million Australians opposed the legislation of same-sex marriage (herein SSM) (2) the mechanism for the distribution and collection of ballots was open to manipulation (3) opponents of SSM were harassed and coerced into silence in a climate of fear and intimidation, including (a) corporate coercion (b) personal attacks and (c) censorship from media platforms (4) the public was misled that the passage of SSM would not impact on other civil and human rights (5) SSM is not a human right recognised under international law (6) SSM is a monocultural imposition upon Australia's diverse multicultural heritage (7) the liberalisation of sexual mores has been the cause of societal dysfunction and the social pathologies that underpin it (8) rational and reasonable arguments therefore exist for maintaining the prior established definition of "marriage" as a union between a male and a female (9) it is in the interest of the state to promote policy that protects, fosters and promotes functional social institutions and universally recognised human rights while prohibiting and discouraging dysfunctional behaviours and social pathologies;

WE HEREBY REQUEST THE SENATE TO enact legislation that would (10) repeal and reverse the effects of all law passed to give effect to the result of the same-sex marriage postal survey of 2017 and (11) protect the freedom of conscience, speech and associational rights of all Australians in this and future debates relating to family policy.

By Senator Abetz from 426 petitioners. (Petition No. 863)