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Thursday, 28 June 2018
Page: 4290

Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital TerritoryAssistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation) (11:36): A couple of things: I think it's a very broad question, so I'll try and address it in terms of the specifics of the legislation, and maybe you'll want to follow up on this. It is very broad. You're talking about a group of people who happen to be from another country. Proposed section 90.2 defines 'foreign principal', so each of the following is a foreign principal: a foreign government principal; a foreign political organisation; a public international organisation—within the meaning of division 70; a terrorist organisation; an entity or organisation owned, directed or controlled by a foreign principal; and an entity or organisation owned, directed or controlled by two or more foreign principals. That's what we're talking about; we're not talking about just any group of individuals who happen to come from a foreign country. But you might want to ask for more specifics.