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Thursday, 28 June 2018
Page: 4282

Senator SESELJA (Australian Capital TerritoryAssistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation) (10:56): You've put a number of things in those questions. Obviously it's not a surprise that legal experts and lawyers disagree. That is often the case. In fact, that is virtually always the case when it comes to considering legislation and, in fact, things that may or may not be considered by the courts in the future. You cite a number of eminent experts. Of course they are entitled to their views. I'm aware that a number of those experts have expressed views in relation to a number of cases that have come before the High Court. Sometimes they get it right; sometimes they get it wrong. We have taken comprehensive advice on it, and we are firmly of the view that with all of the safeguards that are in the legislation, and because, fundamentally, this builds on previous legislation, we are absolutely satisfied, as a government, that it doesn't engage the implied freedom of political communication—well, it doesn't offend it.