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Thursday, 16 August 2012
Page: 5644

Senator LUNDY (Australian Capital TerritoryMinister Assisting for Industry and Innovation, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Minister for Sport) (18:24): It is a technical point you make. I am advised that the provision is there to make sure that the process, or the designation, is not invalidated in the absence of, for example, one document where perhaps a document is pending. Obviously, all those considerations would be taken into account by the parliament at the time. It would be aware of the status of the documents, whether all of the documents were in place and the reasons they were perhaps still to come or were not present at the time. It is with open transparency that you would be able to take that into consideration.

I would also like to go back to the point that Senator Milne made earlier about modes of arrival of refugees and their treatment under this proposal, and how that fits in terms of consistency with the convention. All claims, whether people arrive onshore or offshore, are fully assessed; that is our obligation under the convention.