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Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Page: 4393

Senator CAMERON (New South Wales) (18:10): I think this is a first for me, Senator Back: saying something nice about any of you over on the other side!

Senator Fierravanti-Wells: Oh, Dougie!

Senator CAMERON: Maybe your time will come, Senator Fierravanti-Wells, but do not hold your breath!

Senator Fierravanti-Wells: I think yours might come before mine.

Senator CAMERON: I want to indicate that the discussions I have had with Chris outside of the Senate have always been very, very warm. As Chris has indicated, he and I have gone toe to toe on many occasions in this chamber and in the various committee forums that we have been in. I do not agree with many of your political choices or your political views, Chris, but as a human being you have been an absolute gentleman. I wish you well for the future. I wish you and Linda well. It will be great that you can get around and see your family. You have been a great warrior for your side of politics. You have been one of the hardest working senators in this place. You do not take your bile or your arguments outside of this chamber and continue it on. I think you have been fantastic in the contribution that you have made. Again, I do not agree with much of the contribution that you have made, but you have been a terrific warrior for your side of politics and you will be missed.