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Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Page: 5806

Senator BERNARDI (South Australia) (13:58): I just thought I would put this on the record, because Senator Smith neglected to mention it, that The Bert Kelly Research Centre is located at 28 King William Street in Kent Town in South Australia, a building with which I and the Australian Conservatives have some linkage. I think it is important for all you to know that!

The PRESIDENT: Thank you, Senator Bernardi. We are about 40-odd seconds away from 2 pm, so we might just pause for a moment—

Senator Bernardi interjecting

The PRESIDENT: With the concurrence of the Senate, if the Senate grants you another 40 seconds you may continue.

Senator BERNARDI: I thank the indulgence of the Senate, because Bert Kelly, indeed, was one of those rare individuals who had the strength of his convictions to carry on in the face of great adversity. He showed things that I admire: tenacity and resilience. They are qualities which we should encourage in our children. The point, also, is that what I think Mr Kelly had won, which we all took for granted—that markets were good, that free trade was good and that tariff barriers weren't in the long-term interest—seems to have been lost. I stand with the Modest Members, to suggest that free markets are in the interests of this country.

The PRESIDENT: Order! It being 2 pm, we now move to questions without notice.