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Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Page: 7272

Senator LAMBIE (Tasmania) (22:49): I will be supporting Senator Bernardi's amendments because I want to see whether One Nation has the guts to come down here and support what should be theirs. I'll tell you right now. I'm going to call it out like Senator Bernardi has, and I can't wait to see the end result on this one. Quite frankly, if people were half serious out there, you would lock in the bill. You would have put that in already. So, let's face it: we all know what you're like down here. You always know when there are newbies in, because they have obviously still got their trust in you. Let's face it: when you offer something, it never ends up like the original deal. You never pay it out. The bottom line is that you think we're going to forget about it as we go along. I've had a few of them myself, and I haven't forgotten about them either, by the way. Next time you need a one-up deal, be prepared to deliver there and then on what you still owe me for the last two years, because right now there are no deals.

You are a disgusting bunch of individuals at times. You have no moral values. To go after the public broadcaster is an absolute disgrace. Absolutely! You'll give $30 million to others that are already making an absolute motza out there and you're going after and attacking our very own public broadcaster. What is that? Is it because they're one step ahead when it comes to iview and their social media platform? You're going to punish them for that? The rest of them should have seen this coming 10 years ago. They should have got with the bloody program of the 21st century. They've got their hand out saying, 'Help us, government.' This is crap. This is the worst lot of crap I have seen. I've never seen anything like it.

So I will be supporting you, Senator Bernardi, and I will be enjoying every bit of it. Don't tell anyone. I know it is going to kill our reputation. I'm right there with you. Let's see what One Nation is made of.