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Wednesday, 25 August 2021
Page: 5156

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (10:00): At the request of Senator Thorpe, I move:

At the end of the motion, add ", but the Senate notes that:

(a) the Government has not made clear that the powers contained in this bill are necessary;

(b) the scope of the new powers contained in this bill are disproportionately broad compared to the threats to which they are directed;

(c) the bill rejects a core recommendation of the Richardson review (the Comprehensive Review of the Legal Framework of the National Intelligence Community) that law enforcement agencies should not be given specific cyber-disruption powers as would apply under the proposed data disruption warrant regime;

(d) the Richardson review observed that there 'is much the AFP can do under its existing powers' and was 'unconvinced that a more specific disruption mandate, or additional powers, are needed'; and

(e) Australia does not have a robust human rights framework that would provide adequate protection against the abuse of the powers contained in this bill".