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Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Page: 3359

The following government documents were tabled:

Advisory panel on the marketing in Australia of infant formula—Report for 2008-09.

Air Passenger Ticket Levy (Collection) Act 2001—Report for 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010.

Broadcasting Services Act 1992—Content and access: The future of program standards and captioning requirements on digital television multi-channels—Report, dated June 2010.

Council of Australian Governments—National partnership agreement to establish a National Road Safety Council, dated April 2009.

Department of the Treasury—Report on the operation of the Guarantee Scheme for Large Deposits and Wholesale Funding, dated 21 May 2010.

Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995—Report for 2007-08 on the operation of the Act.

National Health and Medical Research Council—Strategic plan 2010-12.

Productivity Commission—Report no. 48—Australia’s anti-dumping and countervailing system, dated 18 December 2009.

Snowy Hydro Limited—Financial report for the period 29 June 2008 to 4 July 2009.

Tourism Australia—Report for 2008-09—Correction.



Second Protocol to the Agreement between Australia and the Republic of Austria on Social Security, done at Vienna on 17 February 2010—Text, together with national interest analysis.

Text, together with national interest analysis and regulation impact statement—

Amendments to the Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness Covering Design Approval, Production Activities, Export Airworthiness Approval, Post Design Approval Activities, and Technical Assistance Between Authorities, done at Gold Coast on 26 September 2005 [2006] ATS 17.

Convention between the Government of Australia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with Respect to Taxes on Income and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion, and Protocol, done at Ankara on 28 April 2010.


Accession to the Agreement establishing the Advisory Centre on WTO Law, done at Seattle on 30 November 1999—Text, together with national interest analysis and annexures.

Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labelling, done at Canberra on 23 January 2007—Text, together with national interest analysis and regulation impact statement.

Text, together with national interest analysis—

2010 Amendments to Appendices I and II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, done at Doha on 25 March 2010.

Amendments to the Amended Convention on the International Mobile Satellite Organization adopted at the Twentieth Session of the Assembly, done at Malta on 2 October 2008.

United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts, done at New York on 23 November 2005.

Universal Postal Union: Eighth Additional Protocol to the Constitution of 10 July 1964, as amended; Convention, and Final Protocol; First Additional Protocol to the General Regulations and the Postal Payment Services Agreement, done at Geneva on 12 August 2008.