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Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Page: 3210

Senator SHERRY (Assistant Treasurer) (1:46 PM) —On the last issue first: yes, they have made a recommendation to government and that is currently before the government. On quit lines: amongst the other expenditures that I outlined there is $5 million which is being paid this financial year for Quitline. I am advised that quit lines are funded from state and territory governments—I do not have the level of their funding—so the Commonwealth has allocated $5 million for this financial year.

I need to correct an answer that I gave you earlier. That household survey is in fact conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, not the ABS, and it is a three-year survey. There is a separate survey—excuse me, I am coughing.

Senator Xenophon interjecting—

Senator SHERRY —Don’t remind me!

Senator Fifield —No confession time!

Senator SHERRY —No, I have made my confessions. There is a separate survey for teenagers, the Australian Secondary Students Alcohol and Drug Survey, conducted by Cancer Council Victoria. That is obviously quite specifically a survey for teenagers. The alcohol and drug survey includes specific material on cigarette smoking.

In terms of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare survey, again, I gave a commitment to speak to the ABS. They are not the organisation, but I will endeavour to ensure that they do incorporate data on the Indigenous community. I am advised that the data collected to date has been too small, but I accept your point and we will see if we can broaden that and make it deeper and more comprehensive in that area.