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Monday, 23 November 2009
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To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The Petition of the undersigned citizens shows that, following the end of the bloody conflict between forces of the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers:

  • Almost 300000 Tamils are detained in highly overcrowded camps;
  • Sanitation and hygiene standards in camps are inadequate and various diseases are spreading as a result
  • Health facilities are inadequate to meet the needs of those detained;
  • Aid agencies and human rights organisations are not able to move freely through the camps to assist detainees and monitor their treatment;
  • Detainees are not free to return to their homes and have been given no guarantees about when and where they can resettle;
  • Family members are separated from each other, are not aware of the whereabouts of their loved ones and are not able to reunite;
  • No satisfactory process has been established to identify and address possible breaches of the Geneva Convention and other human rights breaches;
  • No clear effort is being made by the Sri Lankan Government to address the longstanding grievances of Tamils.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate takes urgent action to pressure the Sri Lankan Government to:

  • allow immediate and unrestricted access to all camps by aid agencies and international human rights monitors;
  • Allow detainees to reunite with family members immediately and to return to their homes without further delay;
  • Establish an independent inquiry into human rights violations committed during the recent conflict;
  • Embark on a genuine reconciliation process which addresses the grievances of Tamils.
by Senator Moore (from 246 citizens)

Petitions received.